About the Donald Trump.

What you need to know about the 45-th President of the United States


According to the Forbes, the wealth of Donald Trump is 3.7 billion dollars. The main source of income – the profit from the business. President-elect owns real estate worth more than a billion dollars. The famous skyscraper Trump Tower – not the most expensive building of the billionaire.  In the first place – a business center Avenue of the Americas, Trump owns 30% of the sales area. Forbes estimates that the cost of this skyscraper-409 million dollars. Recently it became known that at for the time of a presidential period Trump will pass control above his firms to sons  Donald Jr. and Eric.

Constant hairstyle

Trump’s hairstyle is probably more famous than his business empire. His hairstyle became the subject of numerous parodies and jokes. Back in 2011, in a media interview Trump revealed “secret” of their hairstyles. Every day the billionaire washes hair inexpensive shampoo and leave them to dry for about an hour. Then he takes a comb to massage your scalp, and combing them “back and forth”. “I think the appearance is very important. And my image – this is my hair. I think I have the most famous hair in America”, businessman said once.


In his youth, Trump had planned to enroll in film school. In the United States his extravagance – its distinctive style. A businessman involved in many shows and programs, because it believes that any mention in the media – it is advertising. In fact, the word Trump in the US has turned into a brand named, his name is given to the casino, skyscrapers and airlines. Curiously, the US presidential candidate from the Republicans is not invested in advertising his campaign cents. While the advertising campaign, Hillary Clinton has cost her in 52 million dollars.


Donald Trump affords sharp and often insulting remarks against women. The former Miss Utah said that during the beauty contest billionaire kissed her against her will. Ex-miss California informed that Trump forced the contestants to line up in front of him in revealing outfits so that he identified who he likes, but who – no.  Special resonance received recording made in 2005, in which Trump affords unflattering remarks about women. Sexism businessman condemned even his wife Melania Trump.

He was married three times

Trump has been married three times, the billionaire has five children and eight grandchildren.  Trump’s first wife – Czechoslovak fashion model Ivana Zelnichkova marriage lasted 16 years and broke up in 1993. New darling Trump became an actress and producer Marla Maples, the marriage lasted six years. Melania Trump Knaus became his wife in 2005. He was older than her 24 years.


Note from the author: Apologize for stylistic and grammatical errors. English is not my native language.

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