Inspector of Police rescued a woman from a sinking car in Moscow

MOSCOW, January 27. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin called people with a big heart police and motorists, who saved a woman from a sinking car.

As it became known earlier, the incident occurred on Thursday night on the Rostov quay (Khamovniki) near the house 10. Car Subaru Forester, registered in Ryazan region, fell into the river. Police inspector, leaped into the Moscow River to rescue a girl from the sinking car, it will be submitted to the state award.

According to the Interior Ministry, the police inspector jumped into the icy water, with the help of a piece of the floe broke the rear window sinking cars and pulled the driver from the passenger compartment. His colleagues and witnesses using the tow line helped the police with the victim to shore.

“I am proud of the police act Alexei Konyaeva and motorists who saved a woman from a sinking car. People with a big heart. Thank you! “- Wrote the mayor in his microblog on Twitter.






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