About 300 militants had laid down their arms in the Syrian province of Deraa

More about thousands of militants left the vicinity of Damascus, where there are sources of drinking water.

The Russian military continued to airlift relief goods. 15 tons distributed in Aleppo. There’s work and our engineers. They are assisted by the Syrian military for training which all conditions have been created.

It is not an easy task – meter by meter around the whole city, almost every touch by checking the next step. To people, not afraid to return to their streets and in their homes, to begin to restore. The terrorists left a lot of unpleasant gifts. The city is still full of land mines and anti-personnel mines.

“These bombs are ready for combat use. During clearance, you see, he is a bit skewed. Beneath it was discovered pin contactor handling activities “, – explains the head of the International Mine Action Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Igor Michalik.

Come in this room are not professionals of the Mine Action Center, the result would be terrible. Such warehouses with explosive devices, our specialists detect almost every day. So every house need to check the entire city. Syrian specialists is not enough. And that is why today in Aleppo opens training center of engineers.

“We worked closely with the Syrian deminers. I will say this, that they have good professionals who have some experience. But because of their small number there is a need in the preparation of additional forces for demining “, – said Igor Michalik.

The curriculum is designed for 28 days. Will two-month refresher courses and special courses for officers of the Syrian army. Freeing up settlements and the so-called “zachistki”, commanders must represent a degree of risk for their subdivisions. The first applicants will soon come to class.

Just a couple of days in this class come the future Syrian engineers who prepare our specialists. But honestly, in this room to be psychologically uncomfortable, despite the fact that all these improvised explosive devices, in particular the terrorist belt, long ago defused. These forwarded against armored vehicles and personnel of the enemy. And such against ordinary civilians. And these devices in the room most. This means that the Syrian army is fighting against terrorists.

In the first group would be 70 people. These people in need, like air. And more modern equipment and outfit that Russian experts will leave Syrian colleagues. Perhaps, will have to break up with four-footed assistants.  Dogs that have helped defuse the thousands of mines, too, brought from Russia-in Syria their there are no.

Specialists from the mine action center is prepared not only to the Syrian deminers. Daily classes are held for sergeants and officers from the ranks of the Russian military police. Police knowledge engineering cases just need. Every day, they escorted humanitarian convoys.

The militants left behind thousands of improvised explosive devices. The work is not for one month. And our military along with trained Syrian will do to the explosions here stopped to rattle even on the range.


Sergey Zenin


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