China begins to struggle with “Abibas” and “Panascanic”

China banned the registration of trademarks, containing the names of celebrities. Scandals in the process – there were many. But only now, the Supreme Court ruled: presence in the brand name of a public personality may mislead the buyer. And, as a consequence, harm to society as a whole.

This has not happened – the first time a Chinese court has protected the Chinese well – a well-known foreign brand Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, 23 th issue, filed a lawsuit suit. And lose 4 consecutive years.

“It’s not about me. This applies to any athlete. Your name is your DNA. It is a matter of principle. I have to protect my identity”, – said NBA star.

Jordan attacked Qiaodan (乔丹) – because his name sounds Chinese. Under these 2 characters sportswear company earned millions. The outfit here popular and not cheap. Called – find ten differences. Left – prototype. Right – the logo of China.

In the field of intellectual rights in China for a long time he acted principle – “you snooze – you lose”. At the time, enterprising businessmen have registered on all the most famous global brands. A rightful owners for many years led a lawsuit in the Supreme People’s Court of Beijing for the right to dispose of here his name.

So, the iPhone in China de jure nothing to do with Apple. The Court allowed the company of Shenzhen and on so call their wallets and covers. The name is registered, when there did not hear about Steve Jobs. But Jordan brand history can change the entire market of fakes and imitations.

“We now have a precedent. Among my clients the rock band “The Beatles” and “Queen” before we even could not dream to court in China decided to protect their brand. Even the name of the President of the Russian Federation to use – Putin called the children’s clothing company”- explains Rainey Liu lawyer.

On March 1, in the PRC will not be able to name the brand names of celebrities. Presidents, athletes, actors, yes anyone. Coincidence or not, but immediately after the election of Donald Trump court finally ruled in favor of his brand in real estate. His name in China are illegally tens brands – from the toilets to the spas.

In this room lawyer wins – hundreds of copies. And the same number of volumes – with cases of patent infringement. Discover the world, China was shocked by what he saw. In the 2000s, clones brands and brands with the investment it overflowed. Now the second world economy need to return trust, tightening the law.

“Businessmen are cunning – change the word or letter in the famous logo, or not use the Latin alphabet, and use the Chinese transliteration. About her some foreign brands are often overlooked and are vulnerable, “- said He Jin, head of the legal agency.

Still in China, you can buy and Adidos Abibas, sneakers Hike and Fuma. But this year, under the brands more protection. The company denied registration Jipu, because it is in harmony with the Jeep brand.

But who will defend the honor of, for example, entire cities? In China there are mini-Paris. No time to go to Italy – and that water from the canals of Venice is already lapping at his feet. Want Cairo Sphinx — please. It looks out over the gardens in Hebei Province. Egypt complained to UNESCO. In a small England – crowd of onlookers.

They can, and will remain the monuments of the new China. With everything else understand the special courts – in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Viewing all one – copyright protection. In two years, 24 thousand people punished. In the next five years China has set a goal – innovation. Impossible without a clean reputation.

Alisa Romanova

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