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On October 28, Russia celebrates the Day of the Russian Army Aviation. The main purpose of this kind of troops is the destruction of small land-armored enemy targets, fire support for ground forces, redeployment of troops and exploration.

The composition of the Army aviation currently consists of several types of helicopters, many of which are considered among the best in its class.

Currently upgrading to a new and upgraded helicopters. During the year 2015 in the troops received 158 new or refurbished at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex machines. In accordance with the State program of armaments to the year 2020 in troops should do more than 1 thousand modern helicopters.

Since 2015 the troops get a new modification of the Mi-8 for work in the Arctic – Ми-8АМТШ-ВА. In April 2016 the Russian Defense Ministry has signed contracts for the supply to the end of 2018, heavy transport helicopters Mi-26 and the first production batch of training and combat helicopters Mi-28UB(Ми-28УБ).


Attack helicopters Mi-8AMTSh (Ми-8АМТШ) “Terminator”

Mi-8AMTSh designed based on multi-purpose helicopter Mi-8AMT. “Terminator” – the unofficial name under which the prototype of this machine was shown in 1999 at the air show in Farnborough, UK. Helicopter adopted by the Russian Air Force in 2009.

Military transport helicopters Mi-8 – one of the most popular in the world. They are used in more than 90 countries around the world. Since 1991, foreign customers were supplied more than 1.5 thousand machines.

The MI-8 is popularly nicknamed “Kolya” or “Mykolka”. The first flight of the Mi-8 made June 24, 1961. Serially produced from March 1965. More than 12 thousand copies.

The crew – three men. Maximum speed – 250 km / h, flight range – up to 800 km, service ceiling – 6 thousand meters. It can carry up to 32 paratroopers or 12 stretcher cases or up to 4 tons of cargo on external sling or in the cockpit.

Early members of the family Mi-8 flying from the time of the Vietnam War and worked well in all the local conflicts of the last 40 years.

Developed more than 130 versions of the Mi-8, including a significantly upgraded versions – Mi-8Mt, Mi-17, Mi-171 – for the civil and military operators.


Attack helicopters Mi-24 “Crocodile”

Currently, the Mi-24 is in service with some 45 countries. A total of 1991-2014 years of foreign customers received 171 war machine.

The helicopter involved in fighting in the Pamir Mountains, in the gorges of the Caucasus, in the tropical forests of Equatorial Africa and sultry Asian deserts. Battle Glory came to him in Afghanistan, where he was nicknamed “the Crocodile”.

The MI-24 has become a symbol of the transport-combat helicopter. The most popular since 1991 used the Mi-24P model with gun armament. Also supplied Mi-24B, equipped with four 12.7mm machine gun.

Mi-24 is designed for fire support to troops on the battlefield, tactical landings, can perform the transportation function. Developed in the late 1960s. First flew on September 19, 1969. Helicopter serially produced from 1970 to 1989 year, a total of about 3 thousand. 500 copies.


Heavy multi-purpose helicopter Mi-26 “Flying Cow”

Mi-26 – the worst in the world from the class of multi-purpose transport helicopters. For its dimension was the unofficial name “flying cow”.

First flew on December 14, 1977. Serially produced since the year 1980. Released around 300 copies.

The MI-26 is designed for transport, evacuation, fire-prevention and other tasks. Depending on the modification of the crew may consist of five or six people. Maximum speed – 270 km / h, the maximum range with the main tank – 800 km, service ceiling – 4,6  thousand meters. Able to carry on board up to 85 commando or 60 stretcher cases or up to 20 tons of cargo inside the fuselage or on external sling.

In 2009, the Mi-26T helicopter transported the 27-meter catamaran, Alinghi 5, and then passenger aircraft Tu-134. Such operations are not carried out any helicopter in the history of the helicopter.

Total foreign customers 12 vehicles were handed over. Created about 15 modifications, operated at least ten countries in the world.


Attack helicopter Mi-28N “Night Hunter”

Mi-28N “Night Hunter” – modification of attack helicopter Mi-28 for around the clock use. The helicopter has good maneuverability and a big shock power. Russia’s only aerobatic team on the helicopter “Golden Eagles” appears on the Mi-28N.

The prototype first flew on 14 November 1996. Serial production of the helicopter carried out since 2006. Released around 100 copies. It was adopted by the Russian VKS in 2009.

With the new radar installation has become an all-weather helicopter, able to “see” the day and night, for that the Mi-28N was called  “Night Hunter”. Designed to search for and destroy tanks, armored and unarmored equipment, as well as the infantry of the enemy on the battlefield, and low-speed air targets.

The crew – two men, two passengers can be accommodated. Maximum speed – 324 km / h, the practical range – 500 km, service ceiling – 5,7 thousand meters. Equipped with a 30 mm gun, guided and unguided missiles and bombs.

Currently, foreign customers are supplied Mi-28NE. Machines of this type are composed of Iraq arms and Kenya, are built on the orders of Egypt and Kenya.


Transport-combat helicopter Mi-35M

Mi-35 – “heir” of the legendary Mi-24. It is essential performance characteristics have been improved to effectively use all kinds of weapons around the clock and under different conditions. Including – the use of the car in hot climates and high altitudes.

Got the  fixed chassis, improved electronics, the screw in the form of the letter X. This form of the screw provides less noise.

The first flight in 1995 (according to other sources – in 1998-m). Serially produced since 2005 year. Produced more than 100 copies.

The crew consists of two or three people. Maximum speed – 300 km / h, the practical range – 420 km, service ceiling – 4,8 thousand meters. Armed dual gun caliber 23 mm, guided and unguided missiles and bombs. It can carry up to eight paratroopers and four wounded on stretchers.

The foreign customers received 92 of the machine. In addition to the Russian helicopter operators are Venezuela, Iraq, Brazil and Azerbaijan.


Attack helicopters Ka-50 “Black Shark”

Multi-purpose attack helicopter Ka-50 “Black Shark” was developed in experimental design bureau to them. N. I.  Kamov.

First flew on June 17, 1982. Serially produced from 1993 to 2009 year. According to open sources, produced 15 units. A helicopter with coaxial bearing three-blade propeller, two gas turbine engines, right wing, developed vertical and horizontal tail surfaces and a retractable tricycle landing gear in flight. Up to 30% of the total mass of “Black Shark” are composite materials. Operated by a single pilot. Maximum speed – 390 km / h, the practical range – 1160 km, service ceiling – 5500 m. The helicopter is armed with a 30 mm caliber gun, managed and unmanaged missiles weighing up to 2 tons on four hardpoints.

“Black Shark” is in service with the Russian Air Force in 1995, the helicopter has not been delivered to other countries.


Reconnaissance-attack helicopter Ka-52 “Alligator”

Multi-purpose attack helicopter Ka-52 “Alligator” is the modernization of the “Black Shark”. Developed in Moscow Design Bureau “Kamov”. Designed to destroy tanks, armored and soft-skinned military equipment, enemy helicopters and manpower in any weather and at any time of the day. Can provide fire support for landing, perform patrol and escort military convoys.

First flew on June 25, 1997. Serially produced from 2008 to the present. Issued more than 70 units. Since 2011 is in service with the Russian VKS, abroad has not been delivered.

A helicopter with coaxial bearing three-blade propeller, two gas turbine engines, right wing, developed vertical and horizontal tail surfaces and a retractable tricycle landing gear in flight. There is a modification of the Ka-52K ship-based.

The crew of “Alligator” consists of two people. Maximum speed – 300 km / h, the practical range – 1160 km, service ceiling – 5500 m. Equipped with a 30 mm gun, guided and unguided missiles weighing up to 2 tons on four hardpoints.

The only combat helicopter in the world, in the cabin where the pilots sit side by side and not one behind the other. Thus it is possible to achieve high coherence of action pilots.

Helicopters family “Ka” is fundamentally different from Mi fact that they have so-called coaxial system screws location: two screws and they are located one above the other, whereas there are no tail rotor. Kamov machines have ejection seats for the pilots.


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