The teenager year and a half posed as a policeman

In the Russian capital, 17-year-old boy a year and a half was pretending to be an employee of the Ministry of internal affairs. He convinced police that works investigator in the North Izmajlove (district of Moscow), befriended hundreds of operatives, became their advisor and even participated in the operation.

Ivan is more like a policeman than of a teenager: big body, stern eyes and a police uniform completed the image. Ivan was ready to join the ranks of the Interior Ministry, but knew that officially can’t do this – not allowed the Medical Commission. Future colleagues Vanya found on social networks.

Ivan: “I bought form a police officer wanted to feel in this skin. And he joined the team of public “Overheard in the police”. I joined the public and began actively communicating with existing employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, began to communicate with them on a variety of topics. And sometimes even gave advice to which listened.”

By the time Ivan had almost finished the first course of the Faculty of law in College, read legal literature on the net. In short, the advice were useful. Cops began to call him at friendly gatherings.

As found NTV correspondent Sergei Sirkin, the first special operation – a dream come true. She became his final and simultaneously dizzying career in law enforcement. One of the friends of law enforcement officers asked Ivan to help with the raid on the brothel. After an quarrel, they now give different readings, so really do not understand, how did that operation, we only know that in the hands of a teenager proved the weapon, and the place – the police, who did not know Ivan.

Verification of documents revealed that a “werewolf” in uniform. The form was taken of a young man away and awarded a fine of one thousand rubles for the illegal use of uniforms. This story came to light in the public space, and excited the law enforcement agencies.

Arkady Bashirov, the officer in charge of the press service Main Office MIA of Russia in Moscow: “Metropolitan Police inspects upon placement in the media about a young man who seemed a police officer and unlawfully used the uniforms. By results of check the decision will be made according to the current legislation”.

Policeman Ivan more not be wants. After hearing stories of his “colleagues”, he changed his mind to go to the police. He says he was disappointed, but from childhood dreams to protect people does not refuse plans to get a law degree and become a lawyer.


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