In Russia, are preparing to dismiss governors

There is information about intentions of the authorities to fire several of the heads of regions.

In the coming days, five governors may be relieved of their posts – the newspaper “Vedomosti” writes about this, citing government sources. According to the source, a number of regions are “under scrutiny” and domestic political Kremlin bloc hopes to use the September elections to improve the political situation in a number of troubled regions in the run-up to presidential elections.

Questions authorities have the heads of regions such as Karelia (Alexander Khudilainen) Ryazan region (Oleg Kovalev), Sverdlovsk region (Eugene Kuyvashev), Novgorod region (Sergey Mitin), Ivanovo region (Paul Kon’kov), Perm Region (Victor Basargin) and Buryatia (Vyacheslav Nagovicyn).

It is noted that the situation in these regions of the federation is poor, and urgent decisions required. However, according to the source, not all of these governors will lose their jobs.

Earlier it was reported that the president expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the governor of Karelia: in the republic it is very poorly implemented program of resettlement of slum dwellings.



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