Russia and the United States. Opinion the Americans

22 percent of Americans said that Russia is an enemy of the United States

At the same time, 19% of US residents believe the Russian ally and a friendly state. One-third of the United States population considers Russian Federation “hostile state”, more than twenty of the respondents see it as an “enemy” of the country. These are the results of the poll, conducted by the company   YouGov…..

More specifically, the opinion “of the Russian Federation – US enemy” hold 22% of the respondents. Moreover, an interesting picture emerges. Among those who in November last year on the US presidential election voted for Hillary Clinton, the proportion having such an opinion (39 percent), almost four times higher than among the supporters who became president of the Donald Trump (10%).

In general, Russia is on the sixth line in the list of countries that are considered enemies of the Americans. It is headed by Korea (57 percent). This is followed by Iran (41%), Syria (32%), Iraq (29%) and Afghanistan (27%).

Following the Russian Federation and Libya, Somalia (20 per cent) are located in the top ten of the rankings, Pakistan (19%) and Palestine (18%).

A quarter of respondents could not define their assessment of relations between Washington and Moscow. And only 19 percent of respondents named our country “ally” or “friendly state” in relation to the United States.

The survey was conducted from 28 January to 1 February, and in it in 1313 Americans were involved.

It also became known that the presidential elections-2016 serious quarrel between them 40 percent of the US population.


Reader Comments:

Прохор Кузякин: Yes? But how many of us believe the enemy of United States? Me for the piece.


SKIFF: A survey 1313 from 300 million Americans, it’s certainly a strong poll… It would be interesting to ask this question to all countries. What do they think about Russia


Вадим: And 90% of Russians consider the United States an enemy of Russia.


Бадри: ordinary Americans are not our enemies, though we have a different mentality, but the type of McCain’s policies never become our allies with their exclusivity


Krombacher: 19% of US residents believe the Russian ally

  22% of US residents believe the Russian enemy

  the rest of the population does not know what Russia is and where it is

Graf & Britis: And so, in the same Europe, young people aged 15 to 25 years not know where Russia is on the map. In their view, Russia is the taiga with all the consequences.


гость: Americans have brains too handled the media, however, like all people…


Лелик: Exhausted propaganda people. I just pity them.

Graf & Britis: This is what people are you talking about?



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