In Spain, a girl from Russia was engaged in prostitution to feed her family

Thirteen years old Russian girl engaged in prostitution in Spain, in order to feed his brother and mother. The woman knew about it and approved of this work, reported in the Almeria City Police (autonomous community of Andalusia).

The girl had sexual contact with an adult man who paid her 15 euros. With her also to pay alcohol, tobacco and food for the mother. “The kids were absolutely thrown. They did not go to school, and all were on the street.” – Said a police spokesman.

Girl and mother have Russian citizenship, but have been living in Spain. The girl’s father, a Russian citizen, died. The woman is also a nine year old son who is a citizen of Spain and was born of a Spaniard. Where is the father of the youngest child is unknown.

The investigation began when police received information from one of the neighbors.

For a child to establish surveillance and found that the girl met the 59-year-old man, who lived nearby. He was arrested when she went to his apartment. Before the trial, the man will be kept under arrest. Previously arrested prosecuted for sexual crimes against minors.

Police arrested the girl’s mother, but provisionally released pending trial. She is accused of dodging to fulfill family responsibilities. Now the children are under the protection of the authorities. They live and study at a community college to find themselves in difficult circumstances of children.
Also, the cafe owner was arrested, in which a girl moonlighted for five euros a day – it helped to get out. A man accused of violating labor laws and was released conditionally to a court decision.

“Such a situation, when a mother’s permission, and this little girl is engaged in prostitution in Almeria has never happened before,” – said a police spokesman.


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