Russia in 2050 will be the first economy in Europe

Emerging economies in 2050 will dominate the world. Among them will be Russian. Analysts consulting agency PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) published a report entitled “The World in 2050”, which made the following conclusions.

According to them, in 2050 the United States in terms of GDP are to give place not only China but also India. Brazil will rise from seventh to fifth place, Indonesia – from eighth to fourth.

Japan, which has the fourth largest economy in the world in 2016, dropping to eighth place. Germany will move from fifth to ninth. Russia remains in sixth place in the world, but will be released in Europe to a leading position due to the fact that the Federal Republic of Germany goes down, RIA Novosti reported.

The most dramatic jump of GDP, as noted by PwC’s, by 2050 we can expect from Vietnam, which will rise from 32 seats to 20, the Philippines (28 to 19) and Nigeria (22 to 14).

Conclusions analysts are: The US and Europe will gradually give way to China and India. The economic dominance will shift from countries “Big Seven” (G7) to “seven developing countries” (E7).

In 1995, the E7 accounted for about half of G7 GDP. In 2015, they are about equal. According to the PwC forecast, 2040 G7 will be twice to yield E7. The report notes that developing countries will be the main source of global growth.

By 2050 the E7 countries can increase their share of world GDP from 35 percent to almost 50 percent. EU GDP in 2050 will amount to no more than 10 percent of the world level. This is less than separately in India.

Analysts predict the 2050 increase in world GDP as a whole about two times. Provided that economic growth will be actively promoted, and if there will be no global catastrophes threaten civilization.



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