In Russia, we created a new robotics control technology in space

New mobile robotics control technology in space with the help of a mini-programs developed in the Far Eastern Federal University, the press service of the university.

“The new mobile robotics technology management at large distances has been tested in the Far Eastern Federal University (FENU). Scientists propose to control robots using mini-programs that run automatically with the use of intelligent systems. This technology will solve the delay problem of the signal during transmission to long distances and provide a more stable operation of robotics, for example, in outer space “, – said in a statement.
According to the authors, this approach will create a robot for the most distant planets, such as Mars. Above that is currently operating worldwide.

“The study also tested the technology of intelligent management of a group of robots in Moscow and Vladivostok were established similar groups in which stood a robot leader and led their management conducted alternately from different parts of the country:.. Leaders were sent a mini-program to perform a particular mission, they formed a task his wingman and perform, “- says the press-service.

The leader of possessing artificial intelligence, watching the group work assignments and adjust the robots that have had problems.

“After the completion of the task leader passed information to a human operator, who, depending on the degree of implementation, forwarded a new program”, – told in the Far Eastern Federal University.

In testing a new mobile robotics technology management at large distances with scientists FEFU attended the Institute of Automation and Control Processes, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Applied Mathematics named after MV Keldysh.


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