Lavrov said about the futility of beseech the conscience of Ukrainian politicians on the topic of Donbass

According to the Foreign Minister, the OSCE gradually understand that there is no more sense to shield the Ukrainian army.

Attempts to contact with the conscience of the Ukrainian authorities in connection with the situation in the Donbass are a waste of time. This opinion was expressed today, February 12, in an interview to “Results of the week” on the NTV channel head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

– We talked with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin, when met in Normandy format, – he said. – In addition to the quadripartite format is always a chance to talk to someone of the participants of these meetings together. We discussed this issue with him (about the motives of actions of Ukraine in Donbass,-ed.). We both believe that we have to overcome all these problems.

Lavrov, at the same time added to communicate with Irada Zeynalova that “call and appeal to the conscience – is to spend time”, said TASS. – The fact that the Ukrainians, including Klimkin every day publicly expound, says that they want to drive themselves in Russophobian angle from which it will be impossible to get out, – said the Russian minister. – They continue to blame everything on us at the Donbass, even in spite of the reports of the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM), the OSCE, which has always tried to be neutral.

According to him, although the OSCE SMM does not say outright that the recent shelling started from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the mission noted the direction from where these attacks occur in their reports.

– It indicates about that what the mission understands: it is more impossible to justify the Ukrainian army.

However, he added, communication with Klimkin will continue.

But pressure on the conscience of Ukrainian authorities makes no sense. Kiev has gone too far. Just a strong political pressure of western sponsors on the leaders of Ukraine can change a situation.

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