Russians have become less trusted TV news

The main sources of information for the Russians are television (78%) and online news (39%), and the last audience has increased since 2010 in the three times (with 13%), said the fund “Public opinion”.
According to the survey, among other sources of information respondents cited conversations with family and friends (18%), print media (17%), social networks (16%) and radio (14%).
According to 50% Russians, the greatest confidence in them is TV, but this figure has dropped by 13 percentage points (from 63% in 2015). The veracity news from Internet believe 19% of survey participants, conducted February 4-5 among 1,500 people in 104 settlements of 53 Russian regions.
The level of trust in other sources was not so high: in the truthfulness of the information obtained from household conversations and radio broadcasts, believe to 8% of Russians, from social networks – 7%. At the same time a quarter of respondents (25%) do not trust any source.
Answering the question are objective whether the media in the coverage of the events occurring in Russia, an almost half (49%) of the respondents answered in the affirmative, 37% – negatively, 14% had a difficulty with the answer.
According to the survey, 44% of respondents are often found in the media criticism of the Russian authorities, 31% – rarely, 19% – generally this is not met.
Speaking of thematic preferences, the Russians often called international relations (38%), internal policy and social issues (34%), military (29%), the activities of Russian authorities and family relationships (25%).
Also, the Russians are interested in crime news (23%), sports (21%), culture (20%), science and technology (19%), the economy (17%), natural disasters (16%), travel (12%), fashion ( 8%), show business (7%).

Original: Interfax

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