Russian Su-24 and Su-25 transferred to Tajikistan for flights over Eastern Pamir

Aircraft crews started to perform training flights

Russian Aviation moved from air bases in Chelyabinsk oblast and Kyrgyzstan in Tajikistan. This was reported by the assistant commander of the Central Military District Colonel Jaroslav Roshupkin.

“Aircraft operatiano tactical aviation – Su-24M and Su-25SM – transferred from air bases in the Chelyabinsk region and the Kyrgyz Republic on the Ayni airfield near Dushanbe for a planned joint training of units 201 Russian military base in Tajikistan and the armed forces,” – he said.

According Roshupkina crews Su-25SM and Su-24M began to perform training flights over East Pamir. “Running working out complex maneuvers in different weather conditions. The pilots of bombers and attack aircraft will support land forces actions in the course of combat training missions to counter illegal armed groups, destroy convoys, depots, training camps and other facilities imaginary enemy in the mountains, “- said the colonel.

201 military base – the largest Russian military facility located outside of the country. Stationed in Dushanbe and Kurgan-Tube. According to the signed in October 2012, the Agreement, the connection will remain in Tajikistan until 2042.

Original: TASS

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