Love and blood, “the pink fever” Valentine’s Day

February 14 residents of many countries covers the special “fever”, timed to the Day of lovers or Valentine’s Day. Presumably, the holiday was named after one of the early Christian martyrs, who helped to reunite the two loving hearts.

Today is the day of lovers – this is another reason to give or receive a nice gift. According to estimates by the Center for studies of the confectionery market in this year’s sweet gifts and favors the Russians spend more than 20 million dollars. In numerical terms, this would amount to a minimum of 10-12 tonnes of sweets.

However, the budget of the Russians who want to please your favorite Valentine’s day gifts, poachers costs Americans. According to the year 2015, total expenditures of residents United States on souvenirs, jewellery and sweets have exceeded a record mark of 19.5 billion.

This was reported in the IBISWorld company. At the same time the annual spending of the United States citizens on this holiday is always growing.

Under a ban

However, Valentine’s Day can celebrate not everyone. In some countries it is prohibited. This applies mainly to the Islamic countries. On the eve of the ban on the celebration of Valentine’s Day announced the government of Pakistan. The holiday is also banned in Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, official status in Russia have no Valentine’s day. Russia has its official counterpart – the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, traditionally celebrated on July 8, the day of memory of Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom.

The ROC holiday Valentine’s Day is considered as something external to the reality of the Church, he told RIA Novosti Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary Archpriest Maxim Kozlov. He also explained that the reason for “distancing” of the ROC on February 14 is a holiday of its commercial cult of worship and sensual relationship.

Do not remain aloof and policies. So, head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov in his Facebook wrote about his attitude to this day still 10 February:

“No relation to Orthodoxy and no basis in the cultures and traditions of the peoples of our country, this day does not have. This is a cheap fake spiritual. And, of course, a commercial project. “

From love to hate

Unfortunately, for some couples holiday on February 14 at the whole life becomes a sad memory. According to statistics, marriages on Valentine’s Day, often end in divorce than marriage going on ordinary days. The study was conducted at the end of September 2016. Perhaps that is why in Moscow was not in the last year registered a single pair , wishing to marry.

Some lose their heads from love literally and commit brutal massacre of their sweethearts. One of the most high-profile murders took place in 2013. Then the legend of Paralympic sport, South African runner Oscar Pistorius on the night of February 14, two shots had shot his sweetheart . This story rocked the whole world, it has become one of the most bitter associations with the holiday.

In 2015 year 52-year-old American husband Shelley Goal gave her a surprise on Valentine’s day. The woman received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a Valentine. But a gift greatly frightened her, since her husband died eight months ago. Later it was found out that my husband ordered for his beloved wife lifelong delivery of flowers .

Occur and strange, tragic cases. So, a few years ago in the US police found two students of Technology College with bullet wounds. It happened on Valentine’s Day. Friends of young people reported that they had met. This gun was found next to the dead, allowing the police to assume that the murder was not a third person involved, writes the Daily Mail Address .

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