Mogherini announced the possible loss of the USA role of a world leader

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini is concerned about the possible loss the US leadership in the world. She stated this in an interview with the European alliance of leading periodicals (LENA) after a trip to Washington.

“I’ve never seen the United States such polarized, divided and burdened with conflicts, as they are now. Anyone who wants to play the role of a global leader, must be internally strong, confident and united “- said Mogherini, noting that the problems that arose in the United States could become “a destabilizing factor for the whole world”.

As for the US and European Union relations, Mogherini expects “the transition to a new stage.” “We will carefully discuss the question after another, to see where we have common ground. This is not no drama”, – assured Mogherini. She noted that in the future is likely to be more issues on which Washington and Brussels will occupy different positions.

This week, Europe will visit several top officials of the United States. On Wednesday, February 15, in Brussels, opens a two-day meeting of defense ministers of NATO countries, which will participate for the first time the new Pentagon chief James Mattis. On Thursday, the head of the US State Department Rex Tillerson attended the meeting of foreign ministers of the “Big Twenty” in Bonn, and on Friday the vice-president Mike Pence arrive at the Munich Security Conference.

Original:  News Mail.Ru

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