Fire in Krasnodar, one person died and hundreds were left homeless

In Krasnodar six o’clock rescuers extinguished the fire in high-rise building. One person died and about 500 were evacuated. According to recent data of the operational staff, the fire damaged 50 apartments. MOE work is complicated by the fact that many houses in the neighborhood are located chaotically and, as it turned out, it was commissioned with numerous violations. The water to the blaze building had to bring up in tanks, no hydrant was not there. The house 7 years ago was found illegally built.

Hundreds of eyewitnesses shocked, frightened and confused residents. Of the 149 apartments have burnt at least 20. One person died in the fire and hundreds left homeless.

“The apartment was in the mortgage, repairs, all the equipment was taken on credit, all documents were burned”, – complains Alexey Medvedev burnt down.

Evacuated residents, and there are about 500, was sent to the place of temporary residence. From there spread over the hotels.

Fire engulfed a half thousand square meters. We put out his 120 men, 44 units of equipment. Once able to fill in the hearth, the fire went inside.

Fire occurred under the roof, on the 6th floor where the attic converted for residential a penthouse. According to witnesses, the fire spread too quickly. The special design of the house will only complicate the situation. The shape of the building resembles the letter “L”. The fire had spread to the other wing of the house. Extinguished the fire from different sides a few hours.

“Rank fire – extinguishing Room 3. The difficulty was that the attic floor – it’s easy folding design,” – explains Alexander Taratorkin Acting Chief of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of Krasnodar Krai.

Firefighters work closely complicated yards and no next hydrant. House for almost seven years, it is located in a densely populated area. The prosecutor’s office called the building illegally built.

“Buildings are conducted randomly without complying with the necessary town planning regulations Title of tenants recognized by the court It was legalized..” – Says Eugene Pervyshev, head of administration of Krasnodar.

At the scene of a fire emergency, introduced the local level mode. The house is allowed only online services. Worked as an investigator. The cause of the fire remains to be seen.

Penthouse is completely burnt. Apartments floors below suffered from fire and water. When remove the cordon, the residents will be able to enter into what is left of their apartment and try to assess the damage. Help fire victims promise to provide local authorities and concerned residents, humanitarian gathering has already begun.

Original: Vesti

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