It named the most popular mobile accessory in Russia

The best selling “smart” gadget in Russia in 2016 were Apple Watch smart watches. In the past, they accounted for 25% of sales of electronics worn in pieces, and i-company occupied about 50% of the Russian market, “hand” gadgets.

However, Apple – not a leader in the fitness bracelet segment in Russia. Here, the first place to keep the Chinese Xiaomi, which in 2016 accounted for 50% of the market of such devices in units. In the segment of smart hours 2nd and 3rd places were taken by Samsung and by Sony, and in the segment of “smart” bracelets sports – Jawbone and Rovermate respectively, write “Sheets” with reference to the report “Svyaznoy”.

According to the “Svyaznoy”, last year the Russian market worn devices grew by 42%, reaching more than 270 000 pieces. Market participants interviewed by the newspaper, attributed the growing popularity of i-gadgets with a demand for the iPhone 5s, which in 2016 was the best selling (and cheapest to support Apple Watch) smartphone in Russia.

At the same time the most popular fitness bracelets Xiaomi devices remain in Russia, combining optimal functionality, reliability and value for money, officials say retailers. For example, the cheapest tracker – Xiaomi Mi Band – sold for less than $ 26.

Original: Vesti

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