BBC film about the football fans shocked the Russian diplomats

British television channel BBC, showed the documentary “Russian Army of hooligans”, the plot is arranged so as to discredit the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia, said the Russian Embassy in London.

The basic for the film were the Euro 2016 events, when dozens of injured England fans and two people fell into a coma as a result of the collision groups of Russian and British fans. Russian fans were in the minority, but the advantage was on their side.

The statement said that the film is stunning. According to Russian diplomats, after watching the film it seems that its main purpose – to sow fear in British society for the safety of the fans who were planning to go to Russia, and to discourage the trip.

“Based on the football riots in Marseille, as well as the shooting of Russian fans fringe authors sponsored by the British television channel the government, arranging appropriate plot, have made every effort and means to discredit Russia and the upcoming World Cup,” – said the embassy. The embassy added that a similar campaign was carried out before the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Original: RIA Novosti

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