Trump has accused US media that interfere with their lies to get along with Russia

President Donald Trump at a press conference once again criticized the media for “fake news”, saying that “false reports complicate the ability to make a deal with Russia.”

According to Trump, “fake news” go on TV “story behind the story.” In particular, Trump called “nonsense”, “a fake”, “fraud” and “trick” the news about the alleged links of his campaign headquarters with Russia. Trump said that the authors of leaks of telephone conversations of his assistants or the president talking with foreign leaders “should be ashamed”, together with the press.

He also noted that he considers himself a good negotiator and would like to “come to terms with Russia.” In addition, he does not know if it will have two states agree.

“Maybe Putin is sitting at his desk and said,” I see what is happening in the United States, I have been closely following the situation and understand that agree to us by President Trump would be impossible due to political pressure, which provokes this whole fake “… It’s a shame!”, – he told reporters the US leader.

This Trump said that if he started a very strict policy with regard to Russia instead of trying to reach an agreement, he would get support for a short time, but then the political elite, the society and the journalists themselves have condemned and reproached him.

Hillary Clinton, he accused that she began to “reset” relations with Russia and “gave 20% of the uranium out of the country.” The very same “reset” Trump calls “a stupid plastic key.”

“I did not do anything for Russia, I have not done anything for Russia if we can get along, it is a positive thing We have a very talented person.. (US Secretary of State – Ed.). Rex Tillerson, who will meet with them” .

The head of the American state also noted that it would be easier to take a tougher line towards Moscow for him.

“What I’m tougher towards Russia, the better, but you know what I want to do the right thing for the Americans and to be honest, in the second place, I want to do the right thing for the whole world.?.”, – Said the US president.

Trump also said that Russia and the US – two powerful nuclear powers, adding that the “nuclear holocaust,” with nothing to be compared.

In addition, the US President has commented on the information that appeared in the media about the Russian military ship, which was allegedly seen at the US banks.

On Thursday, FoxNews Channel, citing an unnamed US official said that intelligence ship “Victor Leonov” Russian Navy was seen near the port city of Norfolk, Virginia. According to the official, the ship appeared in international waters about 65 nautical miles north-east of Norfolk. The territorial US border is 12 miles from the coast.

“The best thing I could do – is to fire on the ship, which appeared in the 30 miles from the coast all have in our country, they said:” Oh! It’s so cool! This is not cool. I would like to get along with Russia “, – said the president.

Trump during the election campaign has repeatedly said that he intends to come to terms with Russia and looks forward to cooperation with Russia in the fight against terrorism. For this, he was subjected to violent attacks from Hillary Clinton.

Original: RIA Novosti

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