Emelianenko will hold his third bout since returning to the sport

Famous Russian mixed martial arts fighter Fedor Emelianenko on Sunday night to hold his third match since returning to the sport. Rival Last Emperor on the battle in the tournament Bellator 172 in San Jose would be the American Matt Mitrione, which is a formidable force.

Whether the lesson handed down from Maldonado?

Emelianenko in 2015 announced his resumption after a break of three years. And 31 December Russian in minutes defeated Indian Jaideep Singh’s first show Rizin, the founder of which is well known for Emelianenko at “Pride” Nobuyuki Sakakibara. However, it is worth noting that many experts still to fight this opponent called “bag”.

The contract with Rizin Emelianenko was designed for just one fight, so the next appearance of the cell’s most famous fighter in the world took place in June under the auspices of the Russian promotion Fight Nights. This time the opponent was chosen stronger, although the Brazilian Fabio Maldonado, who spoke in the UFC, many do not take seriously. As a result, this particular match was perhaps the most discussed in 2016.

Emelianenko won a split decision, but the verdict of Russian judges caused a lot of questions. Moreover, the International Association of Mixed Martial Arts (WMMAA) offered to fix a draw in this game, however, the Union of MMA Russia did not review the results of the battle, which Maldonado completely won the first round, and Emelianenko only due to the well-known courage survived those five minutes and could in the future reverse the outcome of the battle. But the picture of a bloodied face Emelianenko will be remembered by many as a bad dream.

“I would like to finish his career with Bellator”

Given that no injuries Emelianenko has not received further development in career Russians were unknown. Many wondered: whether Emelenko recover after the fight with Maldonado? And whether it is necessary to continue? However, the topic of future fights actively discussed, as opponents called many names, and it’s even going so far as to set up phishing web posters Emelianenko fight. The Last Emperor himself with his usual style of long concealed themselves what is going on in his career.

As a result, it was announced that it has signed a contract for a few fights with Bellator, and the opponent in the first bout was selected Mitrione, a former football player, who spoke to the UFC and Bellator, who won 11 wins and five defeats. Moreover, the victory in this game can help Emelianenko in the next battle to get the right to fight for the title.

At the same time a few days before the fight Emelianenko made a loud statement. “I would like to finish his career with Bellator. I would like to fulfill my contract. Relationships with people are very important to me. I appreciate our relationship with (president of the organization) Scott Coker. So I want to finish my career with Bellator”, – he stated.

Preparing for battle with Russian Mitrione started in January, it is traditionally held in Stary Oskol, and only a few days before the fight came in the United States. As Emelianenko sparring partners were fighters from Fedor Team team – Kirill Sidelnikov, Vadim and Victor Nemcova, Anatoly currents and others. Emelianenko also helped the Dutch coach Peter Theissen. “With him, we did a good job over the shock technique and techniques of Thai boxing,” – said The Last Emperor.

Emelianenko – a favorite of the fight with Mitrione

“He is as fast, it is still a good speed and reaction force of the impact is also present. And if it falls, it gets tough. Fedor is now in good shape. The battle will be hard. I saw a couple of fights Mitrione opponent very serious – and he shoots, but misses and Fedor, I think, winning and victory ahead if he can translate the American to the ground, then the problems will be less… “- shared his impressions with the” R-Sport “Vadim German.

The trainer Vladimir Voronov Fedor did not want to spread on the strengths and weaknesses Mitrione. “I can only say that it is more dangerous when operating in the rack than on the ground”, – concluded the expert.

Well, the clear favorite of the forthcoming fight Last Emperor called exactly difficult, especially bearing in mind the fight with Maldonado. But the chances of the Russians, nevertheless, preferred.

Head of Fight Nights Kamil Gadzhiev calls Mitrione “interesting and a good fighter.” “Not only does he have a name, it also has a certain class. I always believed that even when Fedor was a break in his career, his arsenal of techniques is still one of the best in the world. Long plain without fighting, not except for two matches, does not improve the chances of Fedor But in this game it is in any case will be a favorite I think that the chances of winning -.. 60 to 40. Most importantly -. a training will be held and how it will look like himself if so, Mitrione will deal with “, – said Hajiyev.

Another well-known MMA fighter Alexey Oleinik focused their attention on Mitrione skills. “Skills footballer give Mitrione power and explosion These are people who are very much forward to push His strong explosion This is a very powerful guys like bulls -… Forward they can carry very well I’m also working in America, we have the guys from. football, they are very strong in the aspect of the explosion, the power aspect Fedor needs to work on its plan, it has a crazy experience and it should be used -. not linger, “- said the UFC fighter” F-Sport “.

Original: RIA Novosti

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