In Yekaterinburg, killed the postman, who was delivering pensions

Criminal case was brought in Yekaterinburg on the fact of murder of the employee of mail, he said on Saturday, RIA Novosti senior assistant director of The investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Sverdlovsk region Alexander Shulga.

According to local media, the woman’s body was found Feb. 17 in the stairwell of the house, located on the Boulevard semiprecious and money, which were with her (about $ 4,000), disappeared.

“A criminal case under article” murder “to examine witnesses, assigned the necessary expertise.”, – Said Shulga.

According to the spokesperson of the State Ministry of Interior of the Sverdlovsk region Valeria Gorelykh, there is reason to believe that the crime will be solved in the near future.

According to the regional department of “Mail of Russia”, the branch provides law enforcement agencies “maximum assistance in solving the crime.”

“The team AFPS Sverdlovsk region expressed deep condolences to the families and friends of the deceased employee Her family will be provided with financial assistance, as well as assistance with funeral arrangements … All financial obligations to customers will be made on time and in full.” – Said the agency.

Original: RIA Novosti

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