Taktarov refused to play in Hollywood “Russian killing Ukrainians”

Actor and former UFC fighter Oleg Taktarov refused “tempting offers” from Hollywood to make “Сruel Russian” belligerent in Ukraine. He said this to Facebook.

In the description of the role, which leads the actor says. “Man,  Russian, 45-50 years old, his name is Roman – Russian separatist group leader, insidiously and violently fighting in Ukraine. “Brutally killing” all inhabitants of the peaceful village, Roman and his team on the downed American plane start chasing fleeing officers from of the Navy”.

The actor admitted that he had “money is tight”, but financial problems will not force him to agree to such a proposal.

“I hope fate will send me another job, to do something to help children to students, but I will be better to starve than play such a role”, – stressed Taktarov.

The actor did not specify the details of the project.

In 90th Oleg Taktarov performed at fight UFC tournament under the name “The Russian Bear” and won the tournament UFC 6. After winning Taktarov has been gaining popularity and has become a star in a movie. He participated in projects such as “The aircraft president,” “Predator,” “National Treasure,” “Miami police. Department of manners”, “the Generation P”.

Original: RIA Novosti

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