In Russia want to ban “wrong” names

State Duma deputies proposed to prohibit parents give their children strange and obscene names, writes the newspaper “Izvestia”.  Committee on State building and legislation intended to recommend that the parliamentarians to adopt a draft law in the first reading.

As can be seen from the text of the document, the name may not consist of digital or letter symbols, symbols, abbreviations, contain profanity, as well as to indicate rank or position.

In the explanatory memorandum to the Bill are unusual names, made for children in Moscow: Luka Happiness Summerset Ocean, Princess Danielle, Dolphin and others.

The deputies also recalled the story of a boy whose parents are already more than ten years may not execute him documents, because his father and mother decided to call child БОЧ рВФ 260602 (abbreviation. is decrypted how: Biological human object kind Voroninyh-Frolovyh, born June 26, 2002).

Parliamentarians do not exclude the possibility that the second reading of the document will be finalized: the list of “forbidden” names can be extended, in particular, the names of months.

In a Presidential Council of the human rights the idea is endorsed. “Fads parents” should not be taken into account, says the head of the relevant committee Council on human rights Anita Soboleva.

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It is a pity that so late they woke up, my friends and some acquaintances have already managed to give the “nicknames” for their children. They think that a stupid name will make the child unique.


БОЧ рВФ 260602 – this is a masterpiece. The parents laughed, and the child a lifetime spoiled. Well it has to be such idiots …

Interestingly if he is in intelligence work will be how to introduce yourself would be? “My name is Bond. James Bond” My name Boch RVF. Boch rVF 260602.

Original:“Россиянам могут запретить называть детей нелепыми именами”


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