The helicopter go astray in the sky over the steppe

Lost in a storm pilot military helicopters MI-8MT landed on one of the highways of Kazakhstan to ask truckers road. Clip, recorded a truck driver, was published on the YouTube channel ARTZAGOTOVKA.

In the video, a helicopter is located on the road, blocking the way of perturbing truckers. Then the pilot runs to the nearest Cab truck and asked what direction is Aktyubinsk. “Guys get lost don’t understand where they need to. He came and asked what side of Aktyubinsk,” – explained one of the drivers by radio.

“They were lost? How is it possible to get lost in the steppe?” – was surprised the other, watching the departing helicopter.

Armed Forces which country owns the helicopter, is unknown. The Ministry of defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan has not yet commented on the incident

The comments below the video:

Натали Бекжанова

Only Americans don’t show)))). And since everything is normal, a little lost!

mem emmo

and then truck driver realized who the Chief on the road)))

In God We Trust

How you can get lost in a military helicopter? There was even a compass not? They are before on the Sun or Moon oriented???

слава буксман

maybe it’s a police patrol? they can

Khan Khan

“I’ll tell you a clever idea: fly with me»

alex trunev

can he have them vodka asked?))

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This is possible only in Russia )))))))

John Quaritch

apparently not local pilots. in a foreign sky poorly guided 🙂