Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia in oil production

Despite the decrease in production volumes, on the basis of December 2016 Russia for the first time since March of that year came in first place for the extraction of “black gold”. However, it has overtaken its main rival – Saudi Arabia.

Russia extracted in December 10.49 million barrels a day, Saudi Arabia – 10.46 million barrels, the United States was in third place with the figure of 8.8 million barrels per day, experts noted the Joint Organization Data Initiative – JODI. This was reported Bloomberg.

At the same time as Russia and Saudi Arabia cut oil production, trying to stick achieved at the end of 2016 agreement aimed at stabilizing the oil market. In particular, the Russian Federation has reduced production by 29 thousand barrels per day, and Saudi Arabia – to 26 thousand barrels.

Meanwhile, today, Rosstat (Federal State Statistics Service) reported that in January of this year, oil production, including gas condensate in Russia increased by 2.4 percent in annual terms, reaching 46.1 million tons. At the same time, compared with December 2016, this figure has not changed.

Original: Российская газета

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