Tunnel collapses in New Moscow

In Kaluga highway in New Moscow collapsed tunnel under construction.

The area of collapse of structures with liquid concrete was 40 square meters. According to preliminary data, the tunnel collapsed due to violations of construction works.

As a result of emergency one person died and three were slightly injured, two more people may be under the rubble.

In the Moscow Health Department confirmed the death of one person. The ministry noted that the three victims with varying degrees of severity were hospitalized in the capital’s hospitals.

On-site emergency work 33 rescuers and 12 units of equipment, to search for people and dog handlers involved, said the representative of the regional central board MOE.

As noted in the traffic police, the collapse occurred outside the roadway, traffic police officers organize transportation of specialized equipment to the site of rescue operations.

Driving on the highway in the direction of Kaluga Region in the area of 23 kilometers is blocked, said the Centre traffic management. The city authorities recommend drivers to go around the site.

Original: Мосгосстройнадзор опроверг гибель человека в тоннеле на Калужском шоссе

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