Russian social networks. Reaction on suit Lewis Hemilton.

What was the reaction of users of the social network vkontake on new image of the famous British racing driver:


Александр Бурдильный



Денис Нестеров

Ugh! He looks like a gay. Really what that clown


Владимир Геннадьевич

Well, what kind of thrust him to such


Светлана Михальская



Sergey Grigorev

Oh my God…….


Владимир Гришин

Prince Mordovia


Павел Елизаров









Влад Царев

We are funny, but the fellow there is no money for socks


Георгий Монаховский



 Аркадий Шадрин

Green Lantern reminded


Артем Сысоев

I do not be surprised if he says that he is gay


Tywin Lannister

Oh my God…


Nargiza Vermilion

What Lucy is not so..


Анна Олеговна

honestly. I here doubt his sexual orientation….something is wrong


Елена Черно

In a simple suit would have been much better…

Why would attract so much attention (which is not always admired), and so if you are 3-time champion and you are nothing at all to anyone do not need to prove?

Perhaps I have the wrong idea of self-esteem, but, in my opinion, if it is, subjected to ridicule because of the senseless shocking people with normal sense self-esteem is clearly not.


Владимир Кормщиков

This, apparently, a new racing suit to the new machine.


Алёна Линок

 🙂 Oh, Lew


Александр Зудин

Well can not normal heterosexual man this to wear!


Анита Цокр

He always dresses a little weird, so it’s time to get used to it.


Сергей Шемин

he is an artist (he writes trajectories on a racing canvas). and the artist is free to dress not as they are used to all the others.


Ольга Балабанова

Well the person does not like everyday life, what to do. He has already said that it is very passionate about creating clothing and general clothing as an art and creative, why not?


Taron Karapetyan

Hamilton has 10 years in F1 from the man turned to the woman of fashion. Progressing…


Роман Горжуй

Green Snake)


Любомир Шевченко

I’m not a fan of Hamilton, but why do you cares how he dresses? he likes it. you have to be an individual. man does what he likes – races, at the same time earns 30 million … – well done. and it seems that he does not care what they say about his style of clothing


Ринас Шарафутдинов

And here is a shark fin…


Batory Orrighan

Vultures attacked. Let’s quieter. Hemilton not just an athlete, but and media personality.


Михаил Беликов answered Batory

Batory is, apart from him there is 21 racer, but only he looks like a clown …


Batory Orrighan answered Михаил

Michael, I’ve personally do not care how he dressed. It is his personal business


Светлана Котова

Well this little leprechaun …. cool …))


Роман Николаев

What is it!?!?


Серж Веспер

Ugh! abomination. F1 driver has always been associated with a normal guy and here. . . A lot of questions whether he is a man?


Source: VKontakte


Дмитрий Беспокойных

clown 🙂 


Денис Журавлев

So here where the flipper disappeared…


Максим Прокопчук       



Виталий Демешев

Green Lantern


Влад Царев

When the grandmother dressed up))


Александр Градинарь










Станислав Дорош

Yes, all the commentators at the top ☝ do not know how to dress appropriately and more to find fault with Hamilton.


Вячеслав Николаев



Татьяна Кислякова

The Wizard of Oz


Ринат Яхин

In the world, people can not afford too much, 50% live food, and this cock thinks he the only one in the world. Monarch crappy, you have to be more modest. His Kirkorov (Russian flamboyant singer) kissed ))). Media mug.


Павел Кириллов

How funny. So much hatred. For what? For something that people just live their lives? He’s someone hurt this costume? Or bought it not to honestly earned money? Envy.


Станислав Дорош

All hater even this suit are not


Александра Плышевская

I just like the color)


Source: VKontakte photo


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