Propaganda suicide in social networks need a hard fight back, said State Duma deputy

In all regions of the country it is necessary to establish the structure that will fight the propaganda of the suicide on the social networks; action framework must be secured at the legislative level and to ensure public control, told RIA Novosti State Duma deputy Dmitry Belik.

In recent years, social networks have intensified group advocating suicide, which are popular and attract teenagers.

According to Dmitry Belik, the new structure could be called “cyber nanny”.

“I am sure that for security purposes our children we must repel cyberterrorism, relevant draft law for this purpose necessary. Such “cyber nanny” should be in all regions, in Sevastopol can be offered as a pilot project. The structure should not count dozens of people, in fact it is one or two well-trained computer specialist, who will block and neutralize malicious domains, as well as constantly monitor social networking and Internet space. Their actions should be agreed and coordinated with the Roskomnadzor”, – said the deputy.

Belik sure that simply blocking malicious sites and groups will not give the desired result. “The blocking can be circumvented, and a prepared IT specialist will be able to create a whole line of defense in children’s and juvenile groups. Necessary so that such domains what pushing children to suicide, either did not pass or got virus in response.  In the structure of “cyber nanny” should not be officials, the expert can work alone and without prompting from the authorities – and so it will be much more effective “, – said the deputy.

Belik also noted that along with the “cyber nanny” should work, and child psychologists. “We actually have to create a whole defensive structure that will include and block malicious websites, and the work of psychologists and open propaganda in schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions. Also the important role played by the clergy, which, I am sure, will find the right words to explain to children the grave sin of suicide,” said Bielik.

Original: RIA Novosti

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