Svenska Dagbladet called Russian weapons that can change the balance of power in the world

Swedish newspaper “Svenska Dagbladet” has compiled a list of ten of Russian armaments, which affect the balance of power in the world.


RS-28 “Sarmat”

This intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead capable to cover an area comparable in size to Texas or France, the article says. Range missile – 11 thousand kilometers, it weighs 100 tons. On NATO codification new missile will be called “Satan-2”. “Nuclear warhead” Satan-2 “weighs 10 tons, it is two thousand more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki”, – the newspaper writes.

It is expected that the missile entered service in 2018.


T-14 “Armata”

“Armata” is the weapons platform capable of performing the functions of the tank, air defense, artillery and combat engineering vehicles.

“Tank is revolutionary in that it protected the crew from the fire tower innovative design.” In addition, T-14 is easier and faster foreign competitors.


Submarine “Lada”

“The submarine is quieter than its predecessor, the Soviet boat “Kilo” and any of the modern Russian submarines,” – the article says.


Rockets 9K720 “Iskander”

These ballistic short-range missile can carry a nuclear warhead, and not only.

“As an example, can be called precision bombs that can penetrate the walls of the concrete bunker, cluster bombs, and even electromagnetic missiles to destroy enemy radar systems,” – says the publication.

The rocket “Iskander” weighs about 3.8 tons and speeds up to 2100 meters per second, which makes it a difficult target for enemy air defenses.


Tactical Missile System OTR-21 “point”

OTR-21 “point” – tactical ballistic missile, created in 1976. The most modern version of the “points” weighs 1.8 tons, and its range of up to 185 kilometers.

“The missile can be equipped with a conventional warhead, and tactical nuclear warheads,” – said the author of the material.



“S-400 – the new star of Russian air defense”, – writes Svenska Dagbladet. The publication calls this mobile anti-aircraft system with the latest version of defense against enemy missiles and aircraft.

“In the C-400 a very advanced tracking system that can carry 80 missiles and aircraft at the same time”, – says the article.

S-400 can use the three types of missiles with a range of 400 kilometers, the velocity of the projectile released exceeds 1,000 meters per second.



The Russian military has successfully used this bomber in Syria, said the author of the material. Su-34 crew consists of two people, and range up to 4500 kilometers. At an altitude of 11,000 kilometers, this combat vehicle can accelerate to 1900 kilometers per hour.

“Aircraft Armament consists of rockets” air – air “guided missiles to destroy ground targets, medium-range missiles, guided and unguided bombs,” – said the publication.


Landing ships

The Russian armed forces have several large landing ships of the project 775 “Minsk” – “Korolev”, “Kaliningrad” and “Alexander Shabalin”, which can be embedded with a battalion of naval infantry combat vehicles.These ships are armed with two launchers caliber of 57 millimeters and 76.2 millimeters installation. In addition, ships equipped with missile and anti-aircraft installations.


Class submarines “Kilo”

The crew of the Soviet submarine “Kilo” consists of 57 sailors and officers. Speed is a submarine over 10 knots and 17 knots water under water. The vessel is able to dive to a depth of 240 meters and stay underwater for up to 45 days.

“The armament consists of six torpedo tubes and weapons supply can reach 18 torpedoes or 24 mines,” – says the article.


Nuclear submarine “Northwind”

This submarine paper calls “a new super submarine of Russia.” “Northwind” is much smaller than its predecessor – the “Sharks”, but it is harder to detect, and it is much more maneuverable.

“The boat is equipped with a 170 meters long ballistic missiles that can carry both tactical and strategic nuclear warheads” – the author writes. He notes that “Northwind” can be on the job for many years.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 on the defense sector have become much saving, but with the arrival of Vladimir Putin, the situation has changed, the newspaper said. The Russian army was again receive funding for new weapons and large-scale exercises.

In 2017, the Strategic Missile Forces will have 41 new ballistic missile in the air force will be 170 aircraft, the army – 905 tanks and military vehicles, and the fleet – 17 ships.

Original: Svenska Dagbladet назвала российское оружие, способное изменить баланс сил


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