In Yaroslavl held the first ever hockey match between the Russian and Brazilian athletes

All Yaroslavl last days follow the adventures of Brazilians in Russia – the city came to a hockey team from Rio de Janeiro. For the first time Channel One talked about them a year ago. Noteworthy is not only the fact that the plays in a country where there is no ice, no snow, but its name – “Locomotive”. The name chosen in memory of the Russian club players, crashed in a plane crash in 2011. And now – a long-awaited trip to the banks of the Volga.

“Locomotive”, shine!” – This is their motto. In the game the Brazilians set up as the main fight in life. However, judging by the warm-up, it is also a battle with himself: confidently stand on skates, it turns out not at all.

“Incomparable sensation! Cool. I skated, but I will play on the ice for the first time!” – Says Giuliano Mosena.

Brazil played on roller skates. In Rio there is no ice rink, but in Yaroslavl their tens. Best – Palais des Sports. His Brazilians saw as soon as arrived in the city. They are surprised every minute. Snow sees for the first time. Like children playing snowballs and try them on taste. What Russian good for Brazilian-unbearable. The street has become warmer, around zero. However, the strong wind does not subside.

Over jackets Hockey Jersey. It is exactly the same as the Yaroslavl team. Brazilians chose the name of the club, when they learned of the death of hockey players “Locomotive” in the crash.

“Locomotive” sounded good in Portuguese. “Loco” – it means crazy. You really must be crazy to play ice hockey in Brazil. And “motive” is motivation. Without it, no way,” – said Daniel Batista.

On the site of the plane crash – Memorial. Brazilians laid flowers to it. A monument on the Bank of the Tunoshny. Frozen River – another miracle for Brazilians. Fishermen catch shows and taught to use a fishing rod.

Live Brazilian! Where will we see him yet?  On the “Maracanã” we do not visit,we just look at how our arrive and beat the Brazilians. “Argentina-Jamaica, 5-0!” – laughs one of the fishermen.

All these winter joy-only preparations for the event, for which the team overcame 12 thousand kilometers. Wishes come true! Proven players from Rio de Janeiro. Exercising under the scorching sun in a distant country, they dreamed of playing against really a serious team. And this day has come. For the first time in the history of hockey-the Russians against the Brazilians.

The desperate Brazilian “five” tirelessly attacks. The opponent is an amateur team. Guests open account.

“We did not expect that so will stand on the ice. We were told that some of them will play for the first time on the ice,” – says hockey player Igor Bobkov.

This game and the whole trip was organized by fans from Yaroslavl. About team “Lokomotiv Rio” they learned a year ago from a story in the news on the First channel. Stitched form for the Brazilians, sent her to Rio and invited to visit.

“We are not disappointed, we are deeply shocked at all. They are wonderful guys.” – says the fan Yuri Ivanov.

After the third period: 4-4. A series of shootouts, and luck on the side of the guests. And it is not important whether they played so good, or is it another gift from Yaroslavl. The main thing is that finally the Brazilians feel the taste of victory on ice.

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