Congress banned the Pentagon to cooperate with Rosoboronexport

The US House of Representatives approved the draft budget of the Pentagon, which, in particular, provides for a ban on the department to cooperate with Rosoboronexport.

The document, calculated before the end of September 2017, provides for allocation for military needs 578 billion dollars. For him, 371 congressmen voted, against – 48.

“None of these funds can be used by the defense minister to conclude contracts with Rosoboronexport,” the draft says, stating that the restriction must continue until the Russian corporation ceases “deliveries of the military equipment to the Syrian government , As well as until the Russian armed forces leave the Crimea. ”

The head of the Pentagon can try to change this setting if, after consulting with the secretary of state and the director of national intelligence, decides that such cooperation meets US interests. He will also have to convince the relevant congressional committees.


Original: Конгресс запретил Пентагону сотрудничать с “Рособоронэкспортом”

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