The woman appealed to the police after an dissatisfaction in sex

The woman called the cops after dissatisfaction with sex with a stranger in a car in Moscow

After talking with law enforcement agencies of 30-year-old Valentina B. nevertheless she refused to complain on a “distressed” her man.

Insulted resident of the Russian capital has addressed to law enforcement authorities after she did not like sex with a stranger. 30-year-old Valentina B. visited the police station on 27 February.

The woman told law enforcement officials that, returning home from a friend, met at the park near Tushino stranger. After a few phrases lady sat down to his car, where he proposed to have sex with her unconventional way (how exactly – unknown).

As Valentina told then investigators, she has had such an experience not yet, and she decided to try.  However, the process lover thrill was not to the taste. She asked a driver to stop and caused a police squad immediately on the place of events.

Valentina said the law enforcement agencies that the sex was consensual, but the man did not satisfy her, and these intimate relationships extremely did not like her.  After talking with the police, she refused all the accusations.

Original: Блокнот

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