Why the ex-policeman killed six people were not given a life sentence

In the Urals, Arsen Bairambekov, a former employee of the police patrol police, who was found guilty of two ordered and four ritual murders, received thirteen years of imprisonment.

More questions than answers

The evidence gathered in the case was enough to pass Bayrambekov’s conviction, the Russian Investigative Committee (SSC) in Sverdlovsk region notes, but it seems that the overall picture of the incident has not yet been established.

The investigation into the second figurine involved in a series of ritual murders in the fall of 2014, is still ongoing. Little has been reported about her role and personality. According to relatives of the victims, the girl’s name is Tatyana Solovyova, writes Znak.com. She accompanied Bairambekova in all four episodes: she helped with the choice of victims among random passers-by and vagabonds, persuaded the unfortunates to drink and ride them around the city by car. Then, in the forest where such trips ended, she watched that no one noticed how her companion was performing a bloody ritual – he cut the throat of a bound person with a gag in his mouth.

It is also known that this woman did not have any romantic or sexual relations with Bairambekov. They were united only by adherence to a monstrous cult demanding human sacrifices. And it was thanks to her “long tongue” about the ritual murders that the third persons recognized, and from them also the policemen.

In the shadow, Bairambekov’s mentor still remains in occult affairs, with whom he communicated on the Internet. The fact that the defendant had such contact was indicated by the well-informed sources of several publications and the investigator Svyatoslav Ivanov who was talking to the journalists of Lenta.ru. What kind of person is he and whether he does not have other students dangerous to society? It is not known.

Arsen Bairambekov – even though a mountaineer born in Makhachkala, but sacrificed sacrifices to Slavic pagan gods. During one of the interrogations, he explained to his investigators his simple belief.

“There is a kind of commodity-money relations: a person can ask for God’s blessings for himself and give something to God for this,” Bayrambekov said. “Turning to God, it is necessary to give an offering.” The more difficult the request, the larger the offer. They say they need to be offered as an offering.The light gods should be offered food as a sacrifice, the dark gods need a more powerful sacrifice in the energy plan. “The dark gods can be offered a blood sacrifice, raw meat or strong alcohol.”

The ritual murder of a man in this variation of a pagan cult is called the “sixth treasure” (the first is bread, the fifth is a large animal). Bairambekov’s blood offerings probably relied on Chernobog (Koschey) – the god of cold, death and other evil.

“When committing these crimes, Bayrambekov observed the canons of the ritual of sacrifice, namely: the murder was committed at night, in a forest, with a divorced fire, in a circle laid out of stones and was accompanied by the recitation of prayers,” the Investigative Committee notes.

The place of the murder was prepared in advance and, apparently, it was not accidental. He equiped the temple with Ganina Yama, not far from the alleged place of destruction of the remains of the bodies of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family members.

It is assumed that Aresen was carried away in 2010 when he was still a part-time killer. The court found that in that year he was hired by an entrepreneur from a vegetable base to eliminate a competitor. Bayrambekov used a Makarov pistol, which he borrowed from a friend, and received 40,000 rubles for the executed “order” (although 500,000 were promised). The previous court-proven “custom” episode occurred in 2003: Bayrambekov shot a businessman from a Kalashnikov rifle who was involved in trucking.

Athlete and policeman

During the investigation, this “priest” underwent three psycho-psychiatric examinations. According to their results, he was declared sane.

Before moving to Ekaterinburg, in 2000, Bayrambekov, it seems, was a completely different person. Since six years I was engaged in sports single combats. Won victories in various competitions. His photo is still hanging on the website of the Russian Muay Thai League (Thai boxing).

In 1999, he took a job as a patrol policeman and took part in an operation against Wahhabis in the Kadar zone of Dagestan, which formed a special autonomy there, led by field commander Jairullah. The federal forces liquidated terrorists there in September 1999. A year later Bayrambekov resigned from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and became a coach in Thai boxing.

Two years in prison for each victim

The fact that Bairambekov was sentenced to thirteen years of imprisonment caused resentment not only among the relatives of the victims, but also among many other citizens who believe that only a prison sentence can be a minimum punishment for such actions.

However, from the legal point of view, in this case, no violations occurred, believes BMS Law Firm lawyer Tatyana Pashkevich. “By giving confessions and signing a pre-trial agreement, Bayrambekov could no longer be sentenced to life imprisonment, and the court imposed the maximum possible punishment – thirteen years and two months, that is two-thirds of twenty years,” she told RIA Novosti.

To act differently within the existing law of the judge and could not, stresses the member of the HRO and Public Chamber of Russia, lawyer Anatoly Kucherena.

“After each such unpleasant and difficult case, we are striving to toughen the legislation, but we still need to start from the other.” In this case, the main task of the law enforcement bodies is to solve the crime, “Kucherena noted.” The principle of the inevitability of punishment must triumph.If (Bairambekov – Ed.) did not admit and did not sign the pre-trial agreement, it is not known whether it would have been possible to unravel the case or not, of course, any sane person will say: “But how so – killed six people, and received Thirteen years. “This position can be understood and divided, but the law is a law, and I would not like our country to follow the path of American” democracy “with its scaffolds.”

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