Ovechkin made fun of teammates and commentators

Forward and captain of the “Washington Capitals” Alexander Ovechkin mocked team-mates and commentators of the match with “Los Angeles Kings”, falling over the edge during the change of players.

“You can learn from this person a lot about hockey.” Except one thing – making the change, “joke the commentators of the match.” “Oops.” Where have you gone? Go back! ”

The video shows that Ovechkin himself is smiling after the fall.

Meanwhile, the captain of the Washington Capitals in this match repeated his own anti-record: he did not score nine matches in a row. The team Ovechkin eventually lost, “Los Angeles Kings” with a score of 2: 4.

Original: Овечкин насмешил партнеров по команде и комментаторов, упав за бортик

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