A coalition in Mosul killed civilians

News of the latest hours of the District of the Iraqi Mosul. The attack on the ISIS position in the old City of has drowned first due to the torrential rain, and then to the heavy sniper and artillery fire that terrorists are conducting in the Iraqi army.

The battle for Mosul began last autumn. And all this time, the townspeople are killed by militants, and the so-called international coalition.

Between the hammer of the Coalition and the anvil of the terrorists. While the militants were hiding behind the residents of Mosul as a human shield, the Americans and their allies, spurred by the desire as soon as possible declare victory, throwing bombs, without hesitation, that together with the militants of ISIS killed few civilians.

“More than 100 houses were affected by the airstrikes in this district”, – says Abdulhamed Mahmoud.

Under the ruins of the houses broken after the next raid, the mutilated bodies of the deceased are visible. One is a really gunman ISIS. Others, apparently, ordinary citizens.

“The militants have staged a firing point here, behind the house. Then they ran away, and the house was hit by a projectile. My brother still stays under the rubble. Under these piles of concrete are 25 people, we cannot pull them out,” says a resident of Mosul Fatah Ahmad Abdullah.

The city is divided in two. One part – under the control of terrorists, as it once was in Aleppo. The only difference is that an organized corridors for the evacuation of residents of Mosul can only dream of. The way out of the war in at least some semblance of peace for someone becomes the last: safe passage is not guaranteed. It does not help and the white flag.

Mature Rfai Halas died while attempting to escape from the besieged district of Tal Alruman to neighboring, recently released, Mahmun. Killed by a stray bullet. Unknown – whose. The grandson of murdered woman tells the nightmare that was left behind.

“The militants are moving on the roofs of houses, and the people living in them, nothing suspect until the planes arrive and begin to bomb them. We ask the Coalition’s pilots to be more selective during the bombing. The planes are raiding homes where families are still living. “Fire without parsing,” says Ibrahim Rfai.

In the improvised cemetery of Wade Allen, the city of Mosul does not deter tears. Five-year-old Rava is another victim of this carnage, a victim whose total number was not considered and is unlikely to ever be calculated. The father buries child, his mother was taken to the hospital, she also needs help.  People trying to escape from the besieged coalition of the city, militants fired with mortars and sniper weapons. Man who telling how everything happened, by miracle stayed alive.

“We were 28 people when we came under mortar fire. The girl was killed on the spot, another girl was wounded, my children – son and daughter – also injured. I wanted to bury the girl in the garden, but a sniper was sitting on the minaret of the mosque. He shot me in the back “- says Fath Ali Hussein, the grandfather of the deceased.

The suffering of innocent Iraqis is still not seen by those who shouted so loudly about the alleged hundreds of deaths in Syrian Aleppo. But the sacrifices among the inhabitants of Mosul, it seems, no one in the West, do not touch – this is what cynically called “collateral damage”.

By the way, the Americans with their allies also bomb Syria.   In Raqqah, Captured by ISIS, coalition air strikes today killed 19 civilians. This is the same Raqqah which as well as Mosul, coalition already several months as promised to release.  And there, and there, promises are still promises.

Original: Под ударами коалиции в Мосуле гибнут мирные жители. Первый канал.

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