KVN players laughed at NATO report

Captain of the Moscow team “Parapaparam” Ivan Abramov in an interview with the radio station “Says Moscow” called the “kindergarten” the report of the Strategic Communication Center of NATO (Stratcom) about KVN.

NATO’s conclusion that KVN is an “instrument of political strategic communication” does not deserve comment, Abramov said. “The comment is this: in the end, friendship and common sense will win,” he added.

The player of the team “Ural pel’meni” Andrei Rozhkov called for consideration of Stratcom with humor.

“I understand that when there was a Komsomol who made cadres for the Communist Party, it’s completely nonsense now to say that KVN is an ideological tool.” – Rozhkov said.

Earlier, at the request of the Latvian Defense Ministry, Stratcom prepared a report on the Russian humorous KVN broadcast. The authors of the report stated that the “KVN machine” provides the Kremlin “access to a specific, strategic audience ready to serve the regime.”

Stratcom is sponsored by Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. The Center is also supported by Finland, the Netherlands and the USA.

Original: Игроки КВН посмеялись над докладом НАТО

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