Russian physicist told about the years of slavery in Kazakhstan

The Novosibirsk nuclear physicist Yuri Obraztsov, who was found a few days ago in Almaty after escaping from many months of slavery, told reporters how he turned out and lived in captivity.

On March 10, in a shopping center in Almaty, the attention of the employees was attracted by a man who for a long time sat on a bench in light and tattered clothes, which did not correspond to the weather. He answered the questions of the workers of the shopping center that he had escaped from slavery, where he spent several years, but he can not go home, because he has neither money nor documents.

“He was generally embarrassed to tell his situation, saying that” now my friends should come for me, I stand, I wait. “Eventually, when he began to trust us, he said that no one would come for him, that he was only in Almaty This is the story when he told, then we, of course, did not let him go anywhere, put him in a car and began to find out, “one volunteer Tamara Poluektova said in the story of the CPC channel.

Volunteers found through the social networks of relatives of a physicist and contacted the Novosibirsk search engines. It turned out that a man who worked in his homeland as a leading specialist in the Institute of Laser Physics was listed as missing, he was declared on federal wanted list three years ago.

In an interview with television journalists, Obraztsov said that he was passing through Kazakhstan when he was traveling to Tashkent to meet friends. At the station, unknown people put him in a car and took him to the farm. There he was forced to look after cows for three years, and when he tried to escape, they returned and beat him.

“They slept on some bunks, litter as they say, everything is pretty primitive there, the soul does not exist there.” They ate what they have, what they find, grains, cereals, and what the cattle did not eat I was beaten badly, my ear was broken, the left was especially badly broken, the auditory canal is compressed, I can not hear very well, “said Obraztsov CTC.

For the last few days, Obraztsov lived with Rasul Bayramukov, who along with other volunteers helped him to obtain documents from the consulate and bought an air ticket to Novosibirsk.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia will check the circumstances of the disappearance of the physicist. Upon arrival in Novosibirsk, a man will be interviewed by police officers to establish all the circumstances of his disappearance. Information about possible unlawful actions against the physicist will be carefully checked together with the police of Kazakhstan.

Original: Российский физик рассказал о годах рабства в Казахстане

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And what does the police of Kazakhstan say and do?