In Crimea, started large-scale exercises sailors, airmen and Marines

In the framework of the exercise in the Crimea Airborne troops, Aerospace force and the Black Sea Fleet will work out actions against terrorists and the regular forces enemy, reports TASS.

Commander of the Commandos, Colonel-general Andrei Serdyukov, informed the journalists, the military personnel would work on the group of Rapid reaction forces against illegal armed groups and the regular troops of the conditional enemy.

Commander of the Airborne Force explained that the paratroopers will practice various methods of anti-airborne defense, together with the Black Sea Fleet forces. After that, with the support of aerospace forces they complete destruction of the enemy in the depths of the peninsula, and then move on to the defense of important milestones and areas.

According to Serdyukov, the teachings in this format at the site in the Crimea, held in conjunction with the increased terrorist threat, as well as a wide range of applications as the Airborne troops rapid response to resolve crisis situations in various regions of the world.

Colonel-General noted that the involvement of Black Sea fleet and aerospace forces will work out the interaction between the armed forces. The exercise soldiers will have to control the most important objects, work and tactical amphibious landings, as well as shooting in the attack and in defense.

Original: Вести. В Крыму начались масштабные учения моряков, летчиков и десантников.

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