The security service of Ukraine closed the entry into the country by the Russian participant, Eurovision-2017 Julia Samoilova

The news of the last hours. SBU did not allow to Ukraine the Russian singer and Eurovision participant Julia samoilov. What this could happen has been discussed in recent days. And now it’s announced: the document has been signed and will be banned for three years. This decision has aroused resentment among many. “Cynical and inhumane act” — so the news from Kiev have responded in our Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Guide Eurovision  said only that they were disappointed by such a decision of Ukraine.

And the reaction of “First Channel” on the decision of the authorities in Kiev. As stated in the press service, Ukraine missed the opportunity to look civilized in the situation with the Eurovision member of Russia, Julia Samoilova. Very sorry.

The fact that Ukraine attempt to prevent any participant from Russia to participate in the Eurovision contest was understood long before it was decided that Julia Samoilova would represent our country in Kiev. Even a few months earlier, in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet active speculation who Russia will send to the contest, for example, Alexandrov ensemble. Therefore, immediately after the first song of Julia Samoilova in Sunday time, on 12 March, the most real hysteria began in Ukraine.

“Cynical provocation of the Russian Federation. Special information attack against Ukraine. Appeal that the person has limited physical opportunities and to some human values, it is the wrong case”- said the producer (Ukraine) Alexander Harebin.

TSN TV channel (Ukraine): “Person Samoilova should be non grata because she acted in the occupied Crimea. Now the Security Service of Ukraine is thinking, lets her on a song contest or not “.

As a result, the security service of Ukraine thought about two weeks. And three hours ago released a short official message: “The Security Service of Ukraine has banned the entry into Ukrainian territory of a Russian citizen, Julia Samoilova, for a period of three years. The decision has been taken on the basis of the information received concerning the violation of Ukrainian legislation.”

At the same time press secretary of the SBU in the “Facebook” referred to the director of the contest Jon Olo Sanda that alleged decision on the participation of the Russian singer should take the Ukrainian authorities. Although not see any violations by the Russian delegation.

Here’s another comment from the leadership of this song contest.

“We fully expect that a solution can be found so that all delegations can come to Ukraine to participate. We have previously received assurances from the Ukrainian authorities, that in the spirit of the forthcoming event, all those who wish to attend the song contest, and who do not pose a threat, will be free to do so, and their security will be guaranteed”, said by the Spokesman of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Dave Goodman.

The reaction of the workshop colleagues-the pop-implementing-did not have to wait. So, Philip Kirkorov said that is preparing an appeal to all participants in the upcoming contest, which will be held from 9 to 13 may in Kiev.

“I want to invite all my colleagues, all not indifferent to cruelty and human humiliation to people, to sign up under my appeal to all members of the Eurovision, all those who are going to the stage in Kiev, to say one very important phrase before the performance: “This song is executed in honor of Yulia Samoylovoy, girl-a disabled person who it is afraid here” – said People’s Artist of Russia Filipp Kirkorov.

Reacted to the ban of entry Julia Samoilova and Ukraine. The reaction is different. Julia already called a Soldier of information war and sympathize.

“Seriously, what is the threat it poses to Ukraine? Yes, participated in the festival for people with disabilities in Crimea. But Samoilova in this case, an artist who was invited to perform  in front to the same people as her own”, – said the People’s Artist of Ukraine Andrei Danilko.

Julia itself expressed its attitude towards a possible ban on entry in Ukraine a few days ago: “I cannot say that I am a strong person. From the outside more visible.  But I’m definitely not crybaby. Me a lot of time saying “no”, but I did not stop.”

Original:  Служба безопасности Украины закрыла въезд в страну российской участнице Евровидения-2017 Юлии Самойловой

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