In Chechnya militants attacked the military unit of Rosgvardia

In the Chechen Republic, terrorists attacked the military unit of Rosgvardia, the National Antiterrorism Committee said.

As a result of the attack, six Rosgvardia military personnel were killed and three people were injured. One of them was wounded in the head and is in serious condition, another two have injured legs. The injured were transferred to a hospital in Grozny.

The incident occurred around 2.30 am. Six people attempted to penetrate into the 140 artillery regiment of military unit 3761 in the Naursky district. There was a strong fog, and the militants intended to take advantage of this. However, the troop detachment found a bandit group and entered into battle with it.

“During the ensuing battle, all members of the gang were neutralized: gunmen and ammunition were found among the bandits, and on the bodies of two of them – dummies of suicide belts,” the report said. Earlier, a source in the law enforcement agencies specified that the attackers were suicide bombers. It is noted that the active phase of the operation for the destruction of terrorists is completed.

The battle area was blocked. To clarify the circumstances of the incident in Chechnya, the operational group of the central apparatus of the troops of the Russian Guard was sent.

Original: В Чечне боевики напали на воинскую часть Росгвардии

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