In Russia surrogacy may be banned

Member Federation Council Anton Belyakov, on 27 March, will introduce a draft law on the prohibition of surrogate motherhood in Russia. According to him, the country has become one of the centers of “reproductive tourism”. At the same time, relations between the parties in this business is not enough regulated by the state, the newspaper “Известия” (“Izvestia”).

Belyakov added that rendering services of a surrogate motherhood in Russia produces under legal a civil agreement now which admits fixing of any duties and rights of the sides however does not guarantee their strict implementation.  It is not clear whether it is possible to consider the pathology or death of a child as improper provision of services. And is it possible in this case to terminate the contract.

He also noted that biological parents had the right to take the child from a surrogate mother only if she had agreed, since such a rule was contained in the Russian Family Code. It often leads to the fact that the surrogate mothers blackmail real parents.

And more absence of a hard legislative regulation in the field of a surrogate motherhood in Russia attracts foreigners. According to him, they travel to our country to give birth to a child in this way.

The Russian Orthodox Church supports this bill. But lawyers and doctors have spoken out against the initiative. According to doctors, the ban on surrogacy hurt the people for whom this method is the only way to have children. The lawyers agree that the issue is not sufficiently developed, but that surrogate motherhood is a form of treatment of infertility, as stated in the law.

Original: В России могут запретить суррогатное материнство

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