On Baikal a stuck on ice roe deer was saved.

The staff of the Operational Group of the “protected Baikal” rescued the young Roe, who was trapped in the ice Baikal. The animal was about one kilometer from the shore. She probably chased the wolves over that distance.

The video was filmed in the Cape “Srednie homuti” on lake Baikal, said “TV Center”. A black dot on the slippery ice – its a kilometer from the shore noticed the state inspectors – was deer. The beast could not even rise to his feet, let alone to return to the shore on his own.

“We drove up, inspected. The animal didn’t need veterinary help. And we decided to take the animal to the shore and release to nature.” – told the state inspector in the field of environmental protection “Sacred Baikal” Vitaly Golubev.

Salvation was shot on a camera. Commented on almost every step. Immobilized animals – roe deer hooves tied up, so it does not hurt herself – were loaded into a car and driven to the shore. Gathering strengths, the beast hid in the forest.  The animal survived thanks to rescuers.

“There is a proverb – like a cow on ice. In fact, for animals, it’s most likely to be tragic. They are pecked by crows alive. Or, take advantage of this large predators. In this case, the animal was lucky. He was saved. Thank God that in this case, people have been there and done correctly and professionally “, – said the deputy director of the State Organization “Zapovednoe Baikal” for scientific work Svetlana Babina.

Such cases – are not uncommon. There are several dozens in the season. The main thing is to help came in time. Without help to die may be even predators.

Original: На Байкале спасли застрявшую на льду косулю. Видео


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