Casting for NATO exercises: needed extras, speaking in Russian

The Donbass and the Ukrainian crisis were discussed in Brussels at the first meeting of the Russia-NATO council this year. The alliance unexpectedly reported that it was concerned about the acceptance by Russia of the documents of LPR and DPR, as well as the passing of the rouble in the territories of those republics. With this statement, the alliance, in fact, exceeded its powers, and for some reason decided that now can solve even political issues. It is interesting that, against the backdrop of the allegations of the desire to move closer with Russia, NATO has placed an advertisement for the search of Russian extras to prepare its soldiers “in realistic conditions”.

An announcement of the recruitment of extras to upcoming American teachings at the Hojenfel’d Range appeared today on the site. Total recruited 35 people. Men and women need to be portrayed as civilian populations in the war zone. Work for two weeks without a weekend. Payment of 88 and a half to 120 euro per day.

An indispensable requirement for applicants – fluently speak in German and English. But it is also said that the chances of getting into the project dramatically increase the knowledge of Polish, Czech and especially Russian. Apparently, the Russian-speaking language will go at a maximum  rate – 120 euro.

“Extras will enable the creation of conditions close to reality for optimum training of personnel for operations abroad”, as stated in the announcement that is posted on the website. This time “abroad” means, in Russia. This is not the first such exercises in Hohenfels training ground, where the Americans periodically practiced communication skills with the Afghan population.

Leave the territory of the landfill during exercise is prohibited, personal communication devices and computers are prohibited. Full insulation mode. Only once popular science program Galileo was granted limited permission to shoot. And for one day, journalists were accompanied by a group of extras, move on range with special sensors that are fixed, whether civilian was wounded or killed during the battle.

But this is an entertainment program provides this kind of work as an exciting adventure. In fact, all the harder. The rise in five in the morning, breakfast at six, seven start. During the day, extra food. And many of those who have participated in the past have had the most unpleasant impressions.

According to statisticians, conditions resembled something between a prison and the Bundeswehr. By staff are treated with contempt. One participant reported that living conditions and hygiene were abhorrent, another’m compared work with “slavery”, and the attitude towards staff members was described as “inhumane”.

This model of labour relationships offered by the Americans is referred to as exploitation by German experts. We can only guess how Americans will interact with civilians in actual combat conditions.

Original: Кастинг для учений НАТО: нужны статисты, говорящие по-русски

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