Emigrants told how they were affected by anti-Russian hysteria in the US

The Russian emigrants living in Washington told the Washington Post that Americans have recently begun to treat them with suspicion against the backdrop of statements by the media and officials about Russia’s “interference” in the election of the US president.

“When you turn on the TV, in each program – Russia, Russia, Russia”, – shared Igor Efimov, dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at George Washington University.

Yefimov is outraged by unsubstantiated accusations in the media, which declare “evil” all the multimillion population of Russia. “I do not know what lies behind these accusations, whether Russia was involved or not, perhaps, but I would like to first get acquainted with the facts,” he adds.

According to realtor Lilia Rozhkova, her American friends and colleagues at first joked when the first statements about Russian “interference” in the election appeared. “They said:” Are you a spy? You work for the KGB, “she recalls.

Now, as more and more accusations arise, conversations become more serious.

“I would say that over the past couple of months they (Americans) have been more often referring to Russia.” Prior to the elections, these were jokes, but now, the more they are told by TV and the press, they begin to believe that this may be true, “says Rozhkova.

The rector of the orthodox St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Washington, Father, Victor Potapov, believes that “being a Russian American now is almost the same as being a Russian American during the Cold War.”

He is convinced that the issue of “Russian interference” is exaggerated, and Russia’s role is misunderstood. “I always rejoice when an American commentator appears who says,” Wait, let’s stop and we’ll discuss soberly what’s going on. “You can not see KGB agents behind every bush,” he stresses.

Father Victor notes that due to a flurry of accusations in the press, many people began to be afraid to express their opinion.

“Hysteria about Russia in the media makes people sensitive, some do not like to talk about it publicly, some fear for their work, which is very sad in terms of democracy,” he said.

Interference on intervention
Interference on intervention. “There is no argument that the election of President Trump was illegitimate,” but Russia’s “interference” in the elections can be viewed as “an act of war,” former US Vice President Dick Cheney said.

Original: Эмигранты рассказали, как на них отразилась антироссийская истерия в США

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Here they are the methods of Goebbels in all its glory – The more lies, the sooner they will believe in it.

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Most popular Russian comments:

Come on, just did not pay attention before. Now familiar, and the state in the face of the FBI and the NSA listened to them and watched them always. My comrad his brother in America lived in Canada, now in Canada, a programmer, he could not always talk over the phone openly about what and how he thinks, and it was about 15 years ago.