Dozens of victims: in Moscow, an electric train collided with a train

The Moscow suburban electric train, which braked sharply, collided with the Moscow-Brest train on Sunday night in the west of the Russian capital. Several cars were derailed, several dozen people were injured, among them foreign citizens. Rescuers dismantle the rubble to restore traffic by rail.

Emergency braking

On Saturday at 22.16 on the line Fili – Kuntsevo Belorussian direction of the Moscow railway, the train driver No. 6919 Moscow – Usovo braked in an emergency to avoid a run on the man, the RZD was informed.

Because of the supernumerary situation, the braking system was broken, the train traveled in the opposite direction and collided with the passenger train №3 Moscow-Brest, standing on the line of the Fili-Kuntsevo train, the message said.

As a result, two train cars and a locomotive section of a passenger train descended from the rails, the Russian Railways explained. The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in turn told that four wagons of an electric train and a locomotive of a long-distance train were damaged.

As an eyewitness of the incident on the air of the TV channel “Moscow 24” told, the blow was “very strong”. “We stood in the train vestibule, felt a sharp blow, very strong.” The couple had bruises, there were no serious injuries, “he said.

The train car broke in half from a collision with a long-distance train in the west of Moscow, the correspondent of RIA Novosti reported from the scene.

At the scene, it can be seen that half of the train car lies obliquely on one side on the rails, the other in the ravine. Rescuers and employees of repair services using an emergency train to pull out parts of the rolling stock to clear the way.

“On this fact, the investigative authorities … organized a pre-investigation check, the investigation team headed by the acting head of the department left for the scene,” said Tatyana Morozova, representative of the Moscow interregional investigation department for transport.

Affected and hospitalized

In the train at the time of the collision there were more than 450 people, investigators said.

“There were 455 passengers and a train crew on the train, in the train there was an engine driver, his assistant and two inspectors,” said Tatiana Morozova, representative of the Moscow interregional investigation department for transport.

The central suburban passenger company in turn reported that there were 20 people in the train, but none of them was injured. According to preliminary information from RZD, there were no passengers at the tail end of the electric train.

“According to available information, there were 20 passengers in the train, none of them was injured, all passengers left the suburban train and were delivered to the nearest Kuntsevo station,” the suburban company said.

According to the investigation, as a result of the collision, 16 people were hospitalized, including the locomotive brigade of the passenger train and two train inspectors.

The RZD also provided preliminary data on 50 passengers who applied for medical assistance.

The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov said that 12 people were hospitalized, including six in serious condition. “More than 20 people were evacuated together with medical personnel, currently 12 people are in hospital, including six of them are in serious condition,” he said.

Puchkov at a meeting of the working group of the government commission on emergency situations instructed to take on tight control “each victim for life’s testimony.” “Priority is for the elderly and children,” he said.

The representative of the All-Russian Center for Catastrophe Medicine Igor Radchenko later said that 12 people remain in hospitals. “28 people applied for help, including five children,” he said and added that initially the doctors hospitalized 13 people, including two children.

The President’s Order

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to take all necessary measures after the collision of a passenger train and electric train in Moscow, said the spokesman of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

“Immediately after the collision of the train and the train, the president was informed about this incident,” he said.

“Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov and the president of the Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov, by phone, informed the head of state about the measures taken to eliminate the consequences of the accident,” Peskov continued.

He added that “Putin instructed to do everything necessary to correct the situation.”

Puchkov personally arrived at the scene.

In RZD after the collision of trains an operational headquarters was established. First it was reported that it was headed by First Vice President of the company Anatoly Krasnoshchek. Later, RIA Novosti told RIA Novosti that Beloserov had interrupted his vacation and headed the company’s operational headquarters, created in connection with the collision of a train and an electric train.

Sobyanin instructed the victims in the collision of trains to provide the necessary medical assistance.

“The Mayor of Moscow instructed the relevant departments to provide all necessary medical assistance to the victims of this incident,” RIA Novosti’s press secretary Gulnara Penkova said.


Original: Десятки пострадавших: в Москве электричка столкнулась с поездом

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Author: Kendir.75
I wish everyone a speedy recovery and that such unhappiness was not.

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Because of one idiot, so much grief.