Teachings about the attack “little green men” on Lithuania failed miserably

Alleged saboteurs captured Šalčininkai town, and the people did not even tensed, seeing people in an unidentified form.

The residents of Lithuania disappointed authorities with the absence of the vigilance:  exercises simulating the invasion of “little green men” failed. The event was attended by 700 police officers. In the decree of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Lithuania Eimutis Misyunasa contains the following legend: secret services of unfriendly states cross the Lithuanian border and intend to take town Šalčininkai. “Green men” – a seemingly abstract military people, but judging by the official Vilnius loves to talk about the Russian threat, it meant the Russian armed forces.

– It was imitated the invasion of “green men” on the territory of Lithuania, disembarkation from the train. The inspectors were not trained, assessed the situation incorrectly. And waistcoats were inappropriate, weapons and tactics of inspectors was not up to par – Misyunas said.

As it turned out, 30 militants were able to take Commissariat and even “kill” a few policemen. Local residents did not react to people in military uniform without identification marks.

Earlier it was reported that the residents of one of the Finnish islands took military training for assaulting a foreign state’s army.

Original: Блокнот: Учения о нападении «зеленых человечков» на Литву с треском провалились

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Author: grandfather

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Author: Andrei
If, so to speak, “will begin” to them, no NATO will help. In vain they hope for it. Until now, it has not reached the point that NATO came to them not to protect them, but to occupy them. After the first volley brave NATO warriors in a moment will forget about their allied obligations and give a dope. I would like to look after this on the face of proud Balts.