Putin rebuked US allies for supporting missile strike in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that NATO allies, like Chinese dolls, shake their heads, without analyzing anything that happens, commenting on the US missile strike against the Syrian airbase.

The President of Russia stressed that there is no evidence of Syrian troops using chemical weapons, and there is a violation of international law.

“How did the NATO allies react? Everything like the Chinese dolls nods, without analyzing anything that happens, where are the proofs of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian troops?” No. And there are violations of international law, this is an obvious fact,” Putin said in an interview with the “World 24“, commenting on the US missile strike against Syria.

The Russian leader stressed that without the sanction of the UN Security Council, the United States is stirke at a sovereign country, but despite this obvious violation of international law, “everyone agrees, accepts and begins to nod and support.” According to him, this was the case in 2003, when they used a completely contrived pretext for the introduction of troops into Afghanistan.

“The country is destroyed, by the way, it was after this that the rapid growth of terrorist organizations and movements began, the IGIL (terrorist grouping” Islamic State “, banned in the Russian Federation – Ed.), As well as other organizations, arose, everyone understands this , But again they step on the same rake, “Putin concluded.

Washington and its coalition allies have assigned to the Syrian army responsibility for the alleged use of chemical weapons in the province of Idlib on April 4. USA, without demonstrating any evidence of this and not listening to Russia’s call for a thorough investigation before accusing Damascus of a chemical attack. On the night of April 7, they struck a blow at the Syrian military base. Earlier, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said that the Syrian government troops had never used and did not intend to use chemical weapons against civilians and against terrorists.

Original: Путин упрекнул союзников США за поддержку ракетного удара по Сирии

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All is true!

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Author: Ilya Markelov
Girls and Chinese dummies – so all this rabble should be called, well done Vladimir Vladimirovich!))