Ernst rejected the possibility of removing Russia from the “Eurovision-2018”

The rule of exclusion from participation in the Eurovision of the country that did not broadcast the competition in the previous year is not applicable to Russia, Konstantin Ernst, the General Director of the First Channel, said in an interview with “Kommersant“.

The European Broadcasting Union previously announced that Russia will not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev, as it refused the proposed alternatives after Ukraine banned Russian participant Yulia Samoilova from entering the country. EBU offered Russia either to broadcast the contest via satellite, or to change the contestant. On the First Channel, these options were called unacceptable and in the current situation they did not consider it possible to broadcast the contest.

“Such a rule existed, but since we will not participate mechanically in violation of the rules of the European Broadcasting Union, it does not apply to us,” Ernst responded to a request to comment on reports that according to one of the rules, if the country or channel does not broadcast “Eurovision”, then does not participate in the contest next year.

The Director General of the First Channel confirmed that the European Broadcasting Union itself had violated its rules, since it had to either not register a Russian participant or ensure its participation.

“Yes, according to the rules of” Eurovision “, the host country should ensure the receipt of entry visas by the participant and the accompanying delegation, what happened is an unprecedented event for all 62 years of the history of the competition. I’m sorry that Eurovision went against the Ukrainian Power, “Ernst said.

In 1999, Russia was already outside the “Eurovision”, as a year earlier it had decided not to broadcast the contest live on air due to the absence of a Russian representative, and according to the rules of “Eurovision” such a broadcast is mandatory. In 1998, Russia was not included in the number of participants in the contest according to the rating of previous years.

“Eurovision-2017” will be held in Kiev. According to the results of the draw, Russia should play in the second semifinal of the contest on May 11, and the final is scheduled for the 13th. Russia should have been represented by Samoilova with a song about the love of Flame Is Burning. The Security Council of Ukraine banned Samoilova from entering the country for three years because of her speech in the Crimea.


Original: Эрнст отверг возможность отстранения России от “Евровидения-2018”

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Most popular Russian comments:

Author: p.likhobab
So you give up on this garbage like “Eurovision”.

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Most popular Russian comments:

Author: gbezymyannyy
The West has always wiped, wipes and wipes his feet on Russia while still preaching to her to read.
Is it really a shame for the Russian authorities not to notice this evidence?
Well, they do not want to let us into their “sandbox”, why are we with such frenzied stubbornness, through such humiliations there begging?
Maybe it’s time Russia already in their games and in their sandbox to play, you look and everyone will be asked for …