Americans in Syria still turn to Russia for permission to enter any airspace

This was told to “Interfax” by an informed military-diplomatic source. After the American attack on the Shajrat base, our country suspended the joint memorandum on the prevention of air incidents.

However, the source explained that the sky over Syria was not big for military aircrafts, and that the Pentagon had to use other channels. The Russia understands the importance of the safety of flights and is moving forward, but no more, added the source of the “Interfax”. American planes are tracked with our objective control and Su-30 fighter aircraft.

The Shajrat, with which sensational chemical attack in the west are linked in Idlib, should be visited by experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, as well as by representatives of the member countries of the United Nations, the States of Europe and the Middle East. For this, the head of our Foreign Ministry expressed his opinion today at a meeting with his counterpart from Qatar.

“If it is possible to ensure the independent professional composition of such a group of inspectors, we are sure that the results of the investigation with a visit to both the airfield and the province of Idlib will be objective. Of course, those who will be found guilty of an act of use of chemical weapons will certainly have to be held accountable, Sergey Lavrov said. I don’t want to talk about the question of whether it’s necessary to create a special tribunal. Many tribunals have been established, and unfortunately they have not gained a good reputation in the world community. But will be found, certainly, the method, how to achieve that those who committed this act, didn’t avoid a responsibility “.

“We are ready to help the independent investigation. On the Syrian issue, our views are similar, namely respect for Syria’s territorial integrity and the end of human suffering. “Moscow and Doha remain controversial, but I believe that we will be able to overcome them and achieve stability in Syria”, said Muhammad bin Abdel Rahman al-Thani, head of the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Original: Американцы в Сирии по-прежнему обращаются к России за разрешением войти в ту или иную воздушную зону. Первый канал.

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